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It all started in August of 2003. Peter Brydon, the future founder of Barlovento Chocolates, was at the Berkeley Farmers Market. He was standing in front of the Smit Ranch stall; a box of freshly dried Bing cherries sitting before him. They were plump, moist, glossy and fragrant. Hi picked one up and as his teeth sunk into the sweet fruit he was transported back in time. Back to the days when he was only seventeen and living in northern Ohio's beautiful farm community. This is where he fell in love with Bing cherries and farmers stands...

Peter Brydon Story

When me and my friends went to the candy store I was the only one that would buy a delicious candy called a “Chunky.” It’s funny, but I should have known then that I would end up owning my own chocolate business some day. After a 28 year career as a pressman in the printing industry, my weekly trips to the Berkeley Farmer’s Market led to my entrance into the chocolate business.

Venezuelan Chocolate

On small plantations, in secluded coastal valleys, the grassy plains and the foothills of the Andes, generations of Venezuelan farmers have developed the art of nurturing the finest varieties of criollo and trinitario cacao.