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Boxed Truffles

4 piece

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12 piece


Dark Chocolate (Cacao Liquor, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla). Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cacao Liquor, Milk Solids, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla).
Cream Butter. Fresh Fruits. Fresh Herbs and Spices. Vanilla Bean. Honey. Kirschwaller Liquor. Crème De Mure. Cacao Nibs and Fleur De Sel


Mayan Hot Chocolate Truffle: Inspired by the ancient Mayan recipe for a chocolate drink we combine cayenne, cinnamon and whole vanilla bean to create this truffle fit for royalty.
Raspberry Truffle: This classic combination of raspberry and dark chocolate will please lovers of both.
Passion Fruit Truffle: A tangy taste of the tropics. We use French puree of passion fruit to flavor this truffle.
Fresh Mint Truffle: Fresh spearmint is the secret of this truffle. No dried herb or oil in this treat. You’ll taste the freshness of the mint in every bite.
Meyers Lemon Zest Truffle: this truffle is flavored with Meyers lemon zest from our backyard in Berkeley.
Cardamom and Honey Truffle: Inspired by Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine we combine freshly ground green cardamom and honey from the Culinary Institute of America’s herb garden. The cardamom finds it’s perfect match with the C.I.A. honey. Bon Appetit!
Tarragon Truffle: Tarragon isn’t only for chicken. Like our Fresh Mint truffle we use only fresh tarragon to create this interesting truffle.
Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean Truffle: Ground cinnamon and whole vanilla bean give this truffle a nostalgic flavor.
Ultra Dark Chocolate Truffle: We created this for the dark chocolate fanatic. Made with 73% single source Venezuelan chocolate it will satisfy your deepest chocolate cravings.
Dark Chocolate Truffle w/cacao nibs: Our Dark Truffle topped with Scharfen Berger Cacao Nibs for an extra chocolate crunch.
Espresso Truffle: To create this truffle we cold infuse the cream for 24 hours with a oak wood roasted blend of coffee . Better not eat these to close to bed time.
Dark Chocolate Truffle: We combine our 64% single source Venezuelan chocolate with fresh cream and butter. Simply sumptuous.
Kirsch Truffle: 64%dark chocolate, cream, sugar, butter, Kirschwaller liquor
Gingerbread Truffle: This seasonal treat will remind you of home and the holidays with every bite.
Crème de Mure Truffle: Crème de Mure blackberry liquor gives this truffle it’s deep berry flavor.